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Nov 9, 2009

L.I.F.E .....

Life … the unfathomable , inexplicable attribute of each individual. Saying it as “attribute” would belittle it’s essence. It’s an ineffable phenomena. It’s mysterious, it’s enchanting, and more importantly it’s unpredictable. Sometimes it’s a melody, some other times a comedy of errors and often it’s a pandemonium.
From the imagination of a beautiful mind Life is an intoxicating beauty, an invincible valour, a blithe spirit which is eternal. On the flip side for a malignant mind Life is an obnoxious ugliness, an inevitable loser, a deciduous feeling which is persistent. But can anyone define Life. Is that possible ? I believe the definition is relative and not absolute. And that’s the very reason for the myriad explanations about Life….. Life can be miserly altruistic, cruelly kind, pathetically beautiful or scantily affluent.
Life for me is not bound by the limits of past, present and future. It extends beyond time, free from the x, y, z dimensions hence its undecipherable.
The Code of Life is hence difficult to Decode.

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