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Apr 1, 2016

Auto Correct and Me

Below is the complex sentence that fetched Marcel Fernandes Filho the Guinness World Record of "Fastest touch-screen text message record". His record time was 18.19 seconds.

"The razor-toothed piranhas of the genera Serrasalmus and Pygocentrus are the most ferocious freshwater fish in the world. In reality they seldom attack a human." (This statement was copied from the Guinness World Records website)

Oct 14, 2015

Blog-A-Rhythm_Wordy Wednesday - What goes around, comes around

In life, there is always a cycle of chain reactions. I have been a believer of this since childhood. I have guarded my "karma" accordingly. 

Jan 29, 2007

The Lexical Brave-hearts

( I Object ....!!!!!)

"Touche" , the latest most fascinating word of one of my friends and the agog with which she awaits to use it in an argument takes me by surprise . Yes , Argument, the most easiest , entertaining , action packed event where you witness the war of words, the clash of wits, clink of acumen and there she gets her dream chance  to acknowledge her opponent and say ...."Touche"...........

We , the young guns , the high spirited generation flooded with adrenaline are ready on our toes anytime for a "Verbal Mahabharat", where the only weapon is being lexically accoutred and having those larynx cleared. But often on contemplating I am bemused to find most of such arguments futile. Sitting in our cosy corners, sipping a "cutting chai" and relishing hot spicy "pakodas" we moot over any topic, volley of statements from every participant even with minimal knowledge about the same. So is this just for personal entertainment and those smirks or are we really soulfully concerned about the topics. Sometimes as political analyst, some other times aa sports critic and again some other times as social activist myriad roles we play in that same arena of argument.

Satiating our idiosyncrasies and hence feeling triumphant, we often escape the moral and social responsibilities efficaciously with a witty argument, the latest cudgel. But how many of the new world...."Lexical Bravehearts"....would transform their ideals into actions? The answer is quick and unanimous, NONE. So why argue on sensitive issue, when we just want to consume our "chai sipping" and "pakoda eating" time with live entertainment. But this is disappointingly disheartening and sometimes even more disgusting when a missed call or a sudden idea of partying is enough to empty our "verbal cartridges".
Basically we are turning socially and morally impaired. We scream, we shout, we snivel but when it's time to shoulder responsibilities we throw excuses to elude. But those not in this bandwagon they may be the torchbearers for the rest.......!!!!!!

Jan 1, 2007

Masking the ugly look.....

(Unabashedly ...slave to a ubiquitous menace!)

The world that looked colourful yesterday is now ashen. If you visualize red, pink and blue then it’s nothing but delusion. Artifice , Artfully, Articulate. Some sort of mutation has made hypocrisy, an indispensable trait of the genes and mind you this trait has no recessive gene. Ideals and principles are so capricious today than one could have ever imagined. Hypocrisy has shrouded all ideals, views, statements. It camouflages every moment. 

Everything is subject to calculations, profit and loss. And when actions are smeared with avarice, compromising concrete ideals by being obsequious becomes an easy task. Every moment we masquerade ourselves as a completely new individual befitting to the present milieu. The lust for the acme has gagged frankness and kidnapped honesty. The call of the inner voice or conscience is often shrugged off and truthfulness, it’s long lost. Nevertheless, even amidst connivance of the mass the allegiance of few obdurate numskulls towards their conscience may help vanquish LUCIFER......

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