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Sep 23, 2014

S(HE) equality

In the recent years a lot of events have occurred in the whole word and in our country. Most discussions have happened on “equality”, in all its aspect. And “gender equality” tops the priority. In all this, I stand confused at certain times, when the moot point gets blurred.

When we say “gender equality”, I understand we most definitely are talking about both male and female equality and not just one. But when the balance gets lost, I am left confused. May be until this point even you are baffled, what I exactly want to convey. So, let me help you with some simple questions that itches my brain more often.

Please take care to understand that all the examples/questions that I am about to express below, is my personal perception (which may be correct or incorrect) taking into consideration events happening in the society around us. I do not want to convey that I am right. In fact, it’s more of a discussion with you.

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