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Apr 2, 2016

Bus ride and life lesson

It's now a year since I moved out of India. For the past few months, I have been taking the bus-ride for my daily office journey. Each day I take the same bus and quietly grab the same window seat with a rather gloomy facial expression of travelling lonely. So many passengers board and leave at their destinations. There has rarely been any conversation with my co-passengers. Some of them are one time passengers while few others are the regular ones. All that I have done is given an occasional hesitant smile, here and there.

Apr 1, 2016

Auto Correct and Me

Below is the complex sentence that fetched Marcel Fernandes Filho the Guinness World Record of "Fastest touch-screen text message record". His record time was 18.19 seconds.

"The razor-toothed piranhas of the genera Serrasalmus and Pygocentrus are the most ferocious freshwater fish in the world. In reality they seldom attack a human." (This statement was copied from the Guinness World Records website)

Oct 21, 2015

Real Togetherness beyond the virtual world


Every time there is a festive season around the corner, we find the corporate world vying to increase sales. One effective way has been television (TV) advertisements (ads) for them.

Cometh the festivals, cometh the emotional ads.

This strategy has certainly worked for years now. With our generation getting closer in the virtual network and apart in the real world, has given advertising minds the required fodder for such ads. So many us are away from home and crave to be near our dear ones, mostly during the festive season. These ads cleverly play with emotions at the right time. Most of us feel the essence of the ads. I do not know how many such leads are converted into sales for the companies. However, many do give their home a call.

When I heard about the Kissanpur – Real Joy of Togetherness initiative video, I thought this was again one such festival strategy. It is true, I was biased by the trend. However, on seeing the video I learnt it is not a festival targeting emotional ad. It is an ad showing us the reflection of what we have become as humans and as a society. This thought being propagated by a brand that is a household name in India will definitely have a larger impact. The video strongly stands by what @KissanIndia believes in - 'We taste good, we look good and we do good'

Blog-A-Rhythm_Wordy Wednesday - I can't believe it

When I participated in the Tornado Giveaway II this August, organized by The Book Club, it was all for the excitement. It was via a fellow blogger, Shantala @ Shanaya Tales that I got to know about this Giveaway. I was certain it would be a mammoth experience to learn about over 900 books from 80 authors. The process was simple. Follow the authors, tweet about their books and register in the Rafflecopter. The books in the list were remarkable. Therefore, tweeting and spreading the word was more out of interest than task compulsion of the Giveaway.

Aug 30, 2015

A date to remember

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A  date to remember_Salvwi
I was sitting at the wobbly table of the coffee shop. That is my favourite spot which no one prefers. In the midst of the fresh coffee aroma, it began to drizzle. Somebody above, behind the dark clouds was directing the perfect setting for my date. After a long time I was dating myself. And with the ambience it became an extraordinary moment for me.

Aug 13, 2015

What I learnt from Farm Heroes Saga Stage 457 !


I am a mobile games fanatic. I have thoroughly engrossed myself at every point with some game or the other. It has become a bedtime ritual for many years now. Starting from the Tetris and snake games on the Symbian operating system to Angry Birds, Temple Run, Subway Surfer, Candy Crush Saga, or Farm Heroes Saga on the Android operating system. These games happened to help me get peace of mind before I slept. However, this addiction will one day give me a life lesson, is something I never expected. It may sound silly. Nevertheless, it is true.

Jul 25, 2015

#Cherished Blogfest - My #Cherished Object

Quite often I tend to attach emotional value to an object. So, there are many such objects that I have kept over the years, carefully. I think I have got this habit from my father. I know he still has a pair of clay tribal figurines, he had bought when he was in third standard.

Jun 19, 2015

My first hug to my Father

When I clicked #HugYourDad at Blogadda, the below question appeared in bold on the activity page.

Jun 14, 2015

Reading As a Stress Buster

Salvwi Prasad @ Ezine Articles
With the first golden ray of the sun lighting our mind to the last glimmer of the moon soothing our soul, we keep reading voraciously. Reading, as the literal meaning goes encompasses a variety of subjects, official and non-official, electronic and hard-copy, informative and casual and so on. So its reading that gives us stress and again its healthy reading that can also act as a stress buster.

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May 10, 2013

My Experience with digital books

“Books are my best friends”. How often have you heard people stating this line? And best friends, they evolve with you, adjust to your needs and understand you better. Books have just done that over the years. From being delivered on papyrus to growing on papers and now maturing on the electronic medium, books have moulded themselves to suit our comfort of reading. As mankind’s lifestyle transformed from busy to busier, his best friend mutated to stay along with him forever. Hence the advent of digital books, electronic books or e-books, call it by any name.

Feb 4, 2013

HoBbiEs - The accessories that adorn Life

I had actually never perceived hobbies the way I do now after the accidental meet with this idea.

The regular school uniform, the daily formal office/workplace dress or costumes that we wear more often ends to make us look bland. We ignore the characteristic difference each one of us possesses. But when the same person wears some accessories with the regular dresses it adds to the beauty of the person. Accessories enhance the look of a person. As a metaphor hobbies act the same way, I believe.

Feb 14, 2011

The Mark of my New Life...

"Just married" and more importantly "Just started to cook". Absent minded , more often my state of mind nowadays and I touched the red hot pan with my naked fingers. The roasting of my skin accompanied by the excruciating pain reminded me of no-one else but my mother. She is the one who has been bearing this for countless years to satiate our taste buds with heavenly manna that she cooks. One thing I realized for sure, in that furtive moment of pain, is that a homemaker's job is truly a thankless job. A job that needs utmost patience, ultimate endurance , absolute perfection and definitely no expectations often goes un-rewarded and unnoticed. Forbearing our endless tantrums in taste she successfully brings on plate the most palatable bite, even today. But how many times do we thank our maa for the food she serves , may be once in infinite times. Subtle or loud, shouldn’t we thank her more often? We don't because her bond does not demand that. 

The burn mark on my finger , is now a vestige of that enlightening moment. And everytime I feel it, I quietly thank my maa in my heart.

Jan 9, 2007

Maiden Innings

(When sealed lips are your best aegis...!!! )

The jubilation after getting through the entrance exams just begins to inebriate. Suddenly the nightmare of their maiden innings in the engineering college perturbs their exhilaration.

Nightmare of their own shirts strangling them, their own attire attacking haunts them. Nightmare of deadly encounters with techno seniors sucks the sleep from their eyes. The mollycoddled babies have just hatched from their shells to face the bare realities. Yet beings the incessant tug of war with themselves to acclimatize with their new ambiance  They move around silently and gingerly with apprehensions of a brush with the peril, the SENIORS. The ants follow their line reaching from one destination to the other, each a solace for the other.
If you still haven’t surmised what am I talking about, then let me be a bit more explicit. It’s about the first few months of the first year of engineering life when zest and zeal is brim-over yet the fearful knot in the throat hinders them from using their larynx. Those days of terror and horrified experiences later prove to be cherished nostalgic reminisce of the new beginning.

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