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Jun 9, 2010

You have CHANGED !!!!!

“You are not the same anymore. You have CHANGED !!!!!”

Men and Women, the two most contradicting creation of Nature .Their co-existence is the most complex equation, still unsolved. The equation is more complex when they fall in love and settle for a lifetime commitment.

The beginning of every love story is bliss. As the relationship grows expectations get appended and that's when the understanding is tested. A female at most times expects her male counterpart to continue the mushy love lifelong which is kind of absurd. Even though they know but still they expect. This becomes difficult for the male to continue. May be because men strongly believe in changes being inevitable which is more practical and women find it unmanageable to step out of their fairyland. Or maybe once men get a sense of security from their female counterpart they find it highly expensive to pamper them. Or may be women find it hard to come out of their cuddling love and accept the more matured one.  May be there is nothing abnormal in this situation and Nature has pre-decided this phenomena to follow. This foxing question remains unanswered since ages. May be Adam and Eve would be able to answer this. But every love story at some point of time definitely hears this argumentative question , “You are not the same anymore. You have CHANGED !!!!!” . Remember !

Dec 6, 2009

When they say you are in LOVE ..........

When the adrenaline rushes through all nerves in your body the moment you see him / her…. then be assured that you have been recently gunned down without your knowledge. That’s when you feel the first breeze of romance, the first spell of LOVE.
Yes, LOVE , the larger than LIFE phenomena that touches you , me and everyone atleast once in a lifetime. LOVE is an eternal blessing, a divine gift. There can be nothing more peaceful than enjoying the feeling of LOVE. The feeling is not just wonderful but enchanting. The spell of being beautiful and feeling the same is cast on you. You are guided by your emotions like they have dethroned you and taken charge of your SELF. You are lost in your daily familiar surroundings. There seems to be a famine of words when you wish to speak to him / her. A second’s wait seems to be longer than a decade just for a glimpse of him / her.Your enchanted self loiters in the lanes of romance.
Dare to get soaked in LOVE !

Aug 22, 2006

Subtle Love

(Finally the figment of her imagination is real !!!)

If anything splendid and beautiful could have ever happened in her life it is definitely the very feeling of walking into the purple land. The land of orchids holding those reassuring hands. His fingers caressing through her locks when she is lugubrious. His composure embracing her often splenetic rather cantankerous self. His silence gulping her incessant gabble. His candour winning her heart and Oh! his peevish philanthropy. A pellucid character, the man of her phantasm is now real, loving her invariably, selflessly and incessantly.

The chimes of the bells ,the chirping birds n even the cacophony around sounds so musical and the zephyr just kissing her face ,passes away whispering into her ears a name, the name of her “subtle love".

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