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Dec 20, 2015

#KnowYourRights campaign

Our Indian society, its cultural norms and attitude per say has always reflected the patriarchal thought process. Sometimes I think it is a sheer oxymoron that we personify the Indian nation as a female while the societal hierarchy system is predominantly male. However, I would definitely agree with current chorus that the Indian society imbalance is changing. But the larger question is, has that anyway changed the thinking of general mass? It could be “yes” and “no” at the same time.

Nov 6, 2015

Baby's happy freedom

Parenting is the art of understanding unspoken words. This is the basic learning I have got seeing the newly crowned parents in my family and friend's circle. There is so much that babies say through their actions to communicate. All that parents wish is the ability to decipher that communication and keep their babies happy.

In the process of early stage nurturing, dresses and diaper play an important role. So often, these are the reason for babies being cranky and crying all the time. A cloth diaper or wet diaper, harsh to the baby’s skin adds to their irritation if the dress is already prickly. If they could, they would just take off and throw away such diaper and dresses. However, they cannot. In such moments parents need to understand their babies’ irritation and act accordingly.

Nov 2, 2015

Five ways to protect a baby's skin

I live with three generations of mothers – my grandma, my mother and my sisters. Each of them have their nuances of nurturing their baby. So, when I thought to write for “Blog for Pampers #SoftestForBabySkin” I decided to Google all three of them.

The answers were many. However, I decided to consolidate and present to you top five of my learnings on protecting the soft skin of a baby.

Oct 21, 2015

Blog-A-Rhythm_Wordy Wednesday - I can't believe it

When I participated in the Tornado Giveaway II this August, organized by The Book Club, it was all for the excitement. It was via a fellow blogger, Shantala @ Shanaya Tales that I got to know about this Giveaway. I was certain it would be a mammoth experience to learn about over 900 books from 80 authors. The process was simple. Follow the authors, tweet about their books and register in the Rafflecopter. The books in the list were remarkable. Therefore, tweeting and spreading the word was more out of interest than task compulsion of the Giveaway.

Aug 9, 2015

55 Fiction - Happy Mother's Day


The medical reports of his ailing mother were delivered.
When he read through, he had a smile on his face.
Her body was receiving the new medication pretty well.

Jul 25, 2015

#Cherished Blogfest - My #Cherished Object

Quite often I tend to attach emotional value to an object. So, there are many such objects that I have kept over the years, carefully. I think I have got this habit from my father. I know he still has a pair of clay tribal figurines, he had bought when he was in third standard.

Jun 19, 2015

My first hug to my Father

When I clicked #HugYourDad at Blogadda, the below question appeared in bold on the activity page.

Jun 18, 2015

Two Owls Card

Emotions Xpressed_Two Owls card

I designed this card for a gift. This is a neutral card. You can change the message and present it to anyone on any occasion. It is very easy to create. The materials required are also minimal and easily available. This card can be easily made by a kid. But make sure there is supervision of a parent or someone elder for cutting purposes.

May 18, 2015

Blogadda #YouMakeMeWin - My Nominations

Emotions Xpressed_Blogadda #YouMakeMeWin My Nominations

It gives me immense pleasure to write this post for the Blogadda activity #YouMakeMeWIN. Everyday I read a lot of blogs from various genres. Most of them inspire me in some way or the other. I get to learn a new skill on blogging. I make it a point to appreciate the posts I really like. Of all the blogs I read, there are few I enjoy reading the most. So when I read about this activity at Blogadda, I thought what better way to appreciate these fellow bloggers.

It was really difficult for me to choose from my personal list. But I have finally listed my nominations for the Blogadda WIN 15, in no particular order.

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