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Nov 2, 2015

Five ways to protect a baby's skin

I live with three generations of mothers – my grandma, my mother and my sisters. Each of them have their nuances of nurturing their baby. So, when I thought to write for “Blog for Pampers #SoftestForBabySkin” I decided to Google all three of them.

The answers were many. However, I decided to consolidate and present to you top five of my learnings on protecting the soft skin of a baby.

It is advised to breastfeed a baby during the initial months. This not just provides the essential nutrients for the baby’s growth but also Vitamin D required for the skin. Since exposure to sun or Vitamin D supplements at an early stage might not be a viable option, breastfeeding is safer.

Other than that the baby should intake adequate amount of water as well.

For winters use roasted garlic cloves and heat it in mustard oil. Allow the combination to turn warm and massage the baby. This combination keeps the baby skin warm and gives it strength. Additionally, this also helps the baby when s/he is suffering from cold.

For summers use coconut oil massage as it would keep the baby skin cool and prevent dryness. Dry skin usually gives an itchy and irritating feeling to the baby. Many a times, babies tend to scratch themselves due to this dryness, which might leave cuts and scars on their skin.

It is important that massaging is done gently and adhering to the mood and skin sensitivity of the baby. Massaging a baby before or after bath also induces sleep, which is necessary for a baby’s health. However, it is not advisable to bathe a baby regularly during the initial months because that might cause losing the natural skin oil of the baby.

Protection from Sun
It is true that exposure to the Sun is necessary for our skin to absorb the essential Vitamin D. However, owing to the sensitiveness of a baby’s skin it is better to avoid the Sun. Proper care should be taken to cover the baby appropriately when going out during daytime.

Use of baby skin care products
There are numerous brands selling baby skin care products. It is important to choose a brand that does not have harmful chemicals or overpowering smell in their products. A brand that is exclusively for babies would understand and create products suitable for their skin. So research and use your judgement accordingly before applying any such skin care products onto a baby’s skin.

Treating Rashes and Scratches
The most common baby rashes are diaper rashes. The use of rough cloth, improper diaper, or not changing wet diaper could be one of the many reasons. It is needless to say that a soft and easy to wear diaper brand that cares for baby skin should be used. Along with that when changing diaper take care to clean the baby bottom properly, allow it to dry, moisturise, and then put on the diaper.

Other than diaper rashes, improper clothing could also lead to baby skin rashes. More often, it is advised to use cotton material for baby clothing.
However, it is essential that baby rashes when happens, be treated immediately since baby skin is sensitive.

When babies start having nails, they tend to scratch themselves. Take care to cut their nails gently to prevent self-scratching.

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