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Jun 29, 2013


A casual evening and I was reading a blog on the net. It was a review about a latest Bollywood movie where the so-called leading lady is portrayed as a geek. I could not agree more with this blogger about the lazy portrayal of “GEEKY-NESS”, just a pair of spectacles.  I have always been bemused by the human tendency of associating a material with an abstract attribute. And in this regard, spectacles ON, depicts a person is wise or geek, boring, un-cool and should be consulted for advice. This is exactly what those SPECTACLES were directed to deliver in that movie. And believe me they will be nominated for the special appearance category. Because the moment the story had to show off the sexiness of the lady, she dumped the SPECTACLES.  WHY ???, may I ask.

May 10, 2013

My Experience with digital books

“Books are my best friends”. How often have you heard people stating this line? And best friends, they evolve with you, adjust to your needs and understand you better. Books have just done that over the years. From being delivered on papyrus to growing on papers and now maturing on the electronic medium, books have moulded themselves to suit our comfort of reading. As mankind’s lifestyle transformed from busy to busier, his best friend mutated to stay along with him forever. Hence the advent of digital books, electronic books or e-books, call it by any name.

Feb 4, 2013

HoBbiEs - The accessories that adorn Life

I had actually never perceived hobbies the way I do now after the accidental meet with this idea.

The regular school uniform, the daily formal office/workplace dress or costumes that we wear more often ends to make us look bland. We ignore the characteristic difference each one of us possesses. But when the same person wears some accessories with the regular dresses it adds to the beauty of the person. Accessories enhance the look of a person. As a metaphor hobbies act the same way, I believe.

Jan 25, 2013

The RODS of my window !

The electricity is down. There is absolute silence all over. I can hear the drops of water dripping through one of the taps of my neighbour's flat. My eyes catch the sight of the sun rays falling on the floor through my window, in the hot and humid Chennai afternoon. The railings of the window cast their shadow and divide the sun rays on the floor. The innocent sun rays do not protest. I try to remove the rods from my window so that the sun rays get united again. But my strength is not enough to do so. I need tools which I do not have now. And gradually the sun rays get dimmer as the sun starts to leave the evening sky. I look at the floor again. There is darkness, all united. Even the railings could not divide darkness. Next day, early morning,I get the tools and remove the rods on my window.I sit down on the floor beside the window waiting for the sun rays to visit my house again. This time they fall united looking brighter. No rods to divide them.

When shall we get the tools and remove the rods of religion, caste, creed, race, colour, location and many more, that divide us. When shall we understand that every time we divide, darkness gets more united and stronger? I shall continue to wait beside my window looking at hope, in the horizon.

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