Each day a kind deed.

Thought of the Week - Each day a kind deed.
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Oct 21, 2015

Blog-A-Rhythm_Wordy Wednesday - I can't believe it

When I participated in the Tornado Giveaway II this August, organized by The Book Club, it was all for the excitement. It was via a fellow blogger, Shantala @ Shanaya Tales that I got to know about this Giveaway. I was certain it would be a mammoth experience to learn about over 900 books from 80 authors. The process was simple. Follow the authors, tweet about their books and register in the Rafflecopter. The books in the list were remarkable. Therefore, tweeting and spreading the word was more out of interest than task compulsion of the Giveaway.

Oct 14, 2015

Blog-A-Rhythm_Wordy Wednesday - What goes around, comes around

In life, there is always a cycle of chain reactions. I have been a believer of this since childhood. I have guarded my "karma" accordingly. 

Aug 18, 2015

Blog-A-Rhythm_Wordy Wednesday - Rishi's lesson

“I would never forgive her for what she did.” Rishi kept murmuring to himself while doing his homework.
Curious, his mother asked, “Whom would you not forgive?”

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