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Aug 15, 2010

'SHE' dies , Whatsoever !

While surfing the net on the eve of India’s Independence Day I came through a news headline.

“6 lakh girls go missing at birth annually” reads a headline in one of the e-news site for a country whose president is a female herself .No guessing it's India. This survey by United Nations Population Fund is not just alarming but pathetic and at the same time a blot on the nation. The heinous crime of female foeticide and infanticide is prevalent since the Indus Valley Civilization but it's existence in modern India is definitely irrelevant and shocking. This psychic mindset is not just restricted to the remote villages but also to many sophisticated cities.
The baby is sentenced to death the very moment it's gender is disclosed. This condemnable sin is executed in some of the most gruesome and merciless manners. She is thrown into a river or sea as a food for the man-eater fishes or she is abandoned on the roadsides for the dogs to feast upon or she is suffocated in a drum full of milk till she succumbs to death or sometimes cut into pieces by her own parents or even sometimes denied arrival to the world. Such unabashed deeds are committed with elaborate reasons like to elude dowry problem in future , due to superstitious belief or some curse , sometimes for family pride or for continuation of clan and hence the excuses extend till infinity. India is truly a land of contradictions. A land where the Divine female is worshiped with utmost devotion and regarded as Shakti , the human female is mashed brutally. Where should SHE flee and to whom , when the protectors turn into murderers.
Sometimes SHE escapes the slaughter but only for more torture ahead. SHE lives and grows with an innate fear, constantly protecting herself from many vulture eyes. Her plight written will only finish all papers and dry your ink.

I know not if I can do anything to change the headline , but now I only feel relieved and thank GOD that I am lucky to be born to my parents who think otherwise.

Jun 9, 2010

You have CHANGED !!!!!

“You are not the same anymore. You have CHANGED !!!!!”

Men and Women, the two most contradicting creation of Nature .Their co-existence is the most complex equation, still unsolved. The equation is more complex when they fall in love and settle for a lifetime commitment.

The beginning of every love story is bliss. As the relationship grows expectations get appended and that's when the understanding is tested. A female at most times expects her male counterpart to continue the mushy love lifelong which is kind of absurd. Even though they know but still they expect. This becomes difficult for the male to continue. May be because men strongly believe in changes being inevitable which is more practical and women find it unmanageable to step out of their fairyland. Or maybe once men get a sense of security from their female counterpart they find it highly expensive to pamper them. Or may be women find it hard to come out of their cuddling love and accept the more matured one.  May be there is nothing abnormal in this situation and Nature has pre-decided this phenomena to follow. This foxing question remains unanswered since ages. May be Adam and Eve would be able to answer this. But every love story at some point of time definitely hears this argumentative question , “You are not the same anymore. You have CHANGED !!!!!” . Remember !

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