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Thought of the Week - Each day a kind deed.
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Aug 30, 2015

A date to remember

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A  date to remember_Salvwi
I was sitting at the wobbly table of the coffee shop. That is my favourite spot which no one prefers. In the midst of the fresh coffee aroma, it began to drizzle. Somebody above, behind the dark clouds was directing the perfect setting for my date. After a long time I was dating myself. And with the ambience it became an extraordinary moment for me.

Aug 25, 2015


Doodle_Cuttack - Salvwi Prasad

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CORE IDEA - Cuttack City (Odisha, India)
STYLE - Doodle Art
MEDIUM - Pencil, Pen and Ink
-o Sakura PIGMA MICRON (01,03,05 - Archival Ink)
-o Studio Art Mechanical Pencil

Aug 18, 2015

Blog-A-Rhythm_Wordy Wednesday - Rishi's lesson

“I would never forgive her for what she did.” Rishi kept murmuring to himself while doing his homework.
Curious, his mother asked, “Whom would you not forgive?”

Aug 13, 2015

What I learnt from Farm Heroes Saga Stage 457 !


I am a mobile games fanatic. I have thoroughly engrossed myself at every point with some game or the other. It has become a bedtime ritual for many years now. Starting from the Tetris and snake games on the Symbian operating system to Angry Birds, Temple Run, Subway Surfer, Candy Crush Saga, or Farm Heroes Saga on the Android operating system. These games happened to help me get peace of mind before I slept. However, this addiction will one day give me a life lesson, is something I never expected. It may sound silly. Nevertheless, it is true.

Aug 9, 2015

55 Fiction - Happy Mother's Day


The medical reports of his ailing mother were delivered.
When he read through, he had a smile on his face.
Her body was receiving the new medication pretty well.

Aug 7, 2015

55 Fiction - Ultrasound

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They got the news they had been waiting for so long.
She was pregnant after twelve years of their wedding.

Aug 6, 2015

Sex, Gender and Sexuality – It’s not black and white anymore

 After Sundown - Sex Gender and Sexuality

Recently, Dutee Chand, an extraordinary sprinter from India, was returned her right to participate in national and international sprint competitions under the female category. Dutee Chand, who identifies herself with the female gender since birth has a condition called hyperandrogenism. This produces high amount of testosterone in her body and led to her ban on participating under the female category by IAAF in 2014. Jazz Jennings of “I am Jazz” fame from USA is a transgender individual. Jazz was born a male and she identifies her gender as female. A condition called gender identity disorder. TIME magazine awarded her as one of the top 25 most influential teens of 2014. Gazal Dhaliwal from India is a transgender- male to female person who fought for her identity and won.

Neither am I a champion of this concept nor a preacher. But these life stories inspired and intrigued me. I decided to delve a little more into the complex topic of sex, gender, and sexuality.

Aug 5, 2015

Paris (Finale)

(Today this post culminates the short story Paris. Hope you enjoy reading it.)

For a recap you may read Paris (Part 1) | Paris (Part 2) | Paris (Part 3) | Paris (Part 4).

He had given Suresh the landline number of the nearby grocery shop to contact him. Every other day he inquires the shop owner. It is now over two weeks and Suresh has not called. Krishna starts to worry. The fear of missing his Paris trip begins to trouble Krishna constantly. Trying to hide her fear, Radha says Krishna,"I think Suresh bhai must be busy and this call could have slipped his mind."
Radha suggests him to visit Suresh.

Aug 4, 2015

Paris (Part 4)

(I will be sharing this story in 5 parts, at the most. Each week, one part will be released taking the story forward. Hope you enjoy reading this one.

For a recap you may read Paris (Part 1) | Paris (Part 2) | Paris (Part 3)
“Then you tell them that you have one request to make.”, Suresh adds
“One request?”, asks Krishna

“Yes. You will request Manohar Ji to give you 2 lakhs.”, says Suresh
“2 lakhs? I can't do that. He is my father’s friend. I can't ask him money like this. This is not correct.”, says Krishna nodding his head in disagreement to the whole idea
“Do you want to go to Paris or not?”, Suresh asks Krishna

Aug 2, 2015

Paris (Part 3)

(I will be sharing this story in 5 parts, at the most. Each week, one part will be released taking the story forward. Hope you enjoy reading this one.)

For a recap you may read Paris (Part 1) | Paris (Part 2) .

Emotions Xpressed_Short Story
In the next three days Krishna manages to find the travel agent's address with some help and visits him. It is located in a residential area with very few houses. Most of them are dilapidated and nobody is staying in there. Still there were few passersby here and there.

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