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Jul 30, 2015

Paris (Part 2)

(I will be sharing this story in 5 parts, at the most. Each week, one part will be released taking the story forward. Hope you enjoy reading this one.)

For a recap you may read Paris (Part 1).

Krishna leaves the next day. When he reaches his village, he has the least idea of what was waiting for him. He visits the headman’s house where there are few other villagers. As they see Krishna, their whispers start getting louder. As he crosses each one of them, wishing them ‘namaste’ they give an unhappy look. Now he gets perplexed. Then there is an hour long discussion and argument over several things till the headman put forwards the final question to Krishna.
“So Krishna, what is your final answer?”, asks the headman.
“Obviously, NO.”, replies Krishna in an irritated tone.
“What? How can you say no?”, jumps in another man with a prominent moustache that is hiding his entire face. He is Manohar Ji, a very close friend of Krishna’s dead father. The headman tries to calm Manohar and then Krishna.
“But Krishna, your father had promised. Even you had given a word to do the same before you left the village”, says the headman.
“But now I deny. I was only 17 then. Legally at that age I cannot take a decision about marriage. Right Santosh kaka?”, he says.
“Yes. He is right as per law, but……”, in a gradually fading volume, seconds Santosh kaka, who is the self-proclaimed lawman of the village.
“Right ! When and what my father promised, I am not responsible for that. My answer is still a no.”, Krishna replies sternly, after getting a stamp from the village lawman.
Manohar Ji holds his head in dismay and starts crying out loud, “My daughter’s life is spoilt. This idiot promised. Now he denies her. Who will marry her after all this?”

The other villagers start pouring in their suggestions. Some of the ladies start praying the village Goddess for help. Everything at this point seems to be going against Krishna while he imagines his Paris dream going haywire. He had done all the calculations regarding his life. And as per his life-plan until he visited Paris he would not marry. Marriage meant huge expenses and double savings for Paris which he knew was not possible for him in a single lifetime. So he had intentionally postponed marriage plans. And now with this hue and cry he starts to panic. While everyone is busy contemplating the solution, Krishna runs away frantically, catches the immediate bus to the city and leaves without a notice.

After returning from his village, he feels guilty for his actions but Paris overtakes the guilt. He is aware he has to marry Manohar's daughter as he promised earlier. But he wants to procrastinate the event until his Paris trip is over. He cannot explain this reason to the villagers or Manohar Ji. He knows they will not understand his beloved wish. So he decides to accomplish his Paris visit as early as possible, before things blow out of proportion in his village.

While returning in the bus he had met a person who introduced himself as a travel agent. This man’s name was Suresh. Krishna had shared with him his Paris plan and the marriage hullabaloo he was running away from. 
 Suresh had given Krishna his address. So, Krishna decides to meet him. 

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Paris - Part 3

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Story © Copyright Salvwi Prasad
Creative Commons Licence


  1. Nice one dear :)


    1. Thank you Anjali. I will soon write Part 3. :)

  2. The story is making us more interesting.


    Sriram & Krithiga

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback. :) It helps me a lot.


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