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Feb 14, 2011

The Mark of my New Life...

"Just married" and more importantly "Just started to cook". Absent minded , more often my state of mind nowadays and I touched the red hot pan with my naked fingers. The roasting of my skin accompanied by the excruciating pain reminded me of no-one else but my mother. She is the one who has been bearing this for countless years to satiate our taste buds with heavenly manna that she cooks. One thing I realized for sure, in that furtive moment of pain, is that a homemaker's job is truly a thankless job. A job that needs utmost patience, ultimate endurance , absolute perfection and definitely no expectations often goes un-rewarded and unnoticed. Forbearing our endless tantrums in taste she successfully brings on plate the most palatable bite, even today. But how many times do we thank our maa for the food she serves , may be once in infinite times. Subtle or loud, shouldn’t we thank her more often? We don't because her bond does not demand that. 

The burn mark on my finger , is now a vestige of that enlightening moment. And everytime I feel it, I quietly thank my maa in my heart.

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