Each day a kind deed.

Thought of the Week - Each day a kind deed.
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Sep 3, 2015


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CORE IDEA - Day-to-day office events and items
STYLE - Doodle Art
MEDIUM - Pencil, Pen and Ink
-o Sakura PIGMA MICRON (01,03,05 - Archival Ink)
-o Studio Art Mechanical Pencil

Doodling is often referred as scribbled drawings. This usually involves drawings that we do while absent minded. Newspaper sideline or corners, last pages of our notebooks or those side-spaces of text books are the canvas in most cases for doodles. However, the format has taken a proper art form now, keeping the core intent same. #Doodle art that are professionally or otherwise represented may not be the culmination of an absent mind. It still displays multiple figures in one drawing with a meaningful and cohesive representation.

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