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Nov 6, 2015

Baby's happy freedom

Parenting is the art of understanding unspoken words. This is the basic learning I have got seeing the newly crowned parents in my family and friend's circle. There is so much that babies say through their actions to communicate. All that parents wish is the ability to decipher that communication and keep their babies happy.

In the process of early stage nurturing, dresses and diaper play an important role. So often, these are the reason for babies being cranky and crying all the time. A cloth diaper or wet diaper, harsh to the baby’s skin adds to their irritation if the dress is already prickly. If they could, they would just take off and throw away such diaper and dresses. However, they cannot. In such moments parents need to understand their babies’ irritation and act accordingly.

Diaper rashes are one of the common causes for skin irritation in babies. It makes their soft skin sore. Any form of skin irritation is unbearable for adults. Therefore, we can only understand the plight of babies who cannot help themselves. These rashes being in sensitive areas of a baby need utmost attention. Also because of these rashes, babies tend to remain gloomy and less active. They show no interest in their toys or watching cartoons or any such activities. A house with a baby and no noise is not something a parent desires.

A baby’s skin is too sensitive for any experimental products. Therefore, it is better to research well on diaper before using them. A diaper that gives the softness of cotton, absorbs efficiently to keep dry even overnight, cares about baby’s sensitive skin, is light and thin avoiding bulkiness to provide air circulation and easy to wear in pant style should be the ideal choice for parents. Such a diaper gives freedom from worries to parents and from irritation to babies.

I would like to share a related experience with you.

I was at my friend’s place for her daughter's first birthday celebration. My friend had this angel theme planned. All the decorations were as per the theme. Baby’s dress was like an angel, with a cute tiara and star wand. When the baby wore her dress that morning, at first she was excited. But after a while she started crying incessantly. We tried so much, with all tricks, to soothe her. However, she would not stop crying. Everybody wanted a photo with birthday girl smiling. She is always an active playful baby. It was her day and we just wanted her to be giggling the way she always does. My friend had been planning for her daughter’s birthday for months. Now, seeing her kid all irritated and throwing away the tiara and wand, made her emotional. So, she just decided to take off the birthday dress and let her baby be happy. Surprisingly it worked. That layered netted dress pricked the baby probably because she is used to wearing loose cotton dresses at home. Her baby stopped crying and for the rest of the time played freely. Now, when we turn over the pages of her birthday album all we see is her adorable smile.

Oh ! I missed on one important information though. The birthday dress was off but that soothing diaper was still on.

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  1. Very interesting blog. A lot of blogs I see these days don't really provide anything that attract others, but I'm most definitely interested in this one. Just thought that I would post and let you know.


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