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Aug 22, 2006

Subtle Love

(Finally the figment of her imagination is real !!!)

If anything splendid and beautiful could have ever happened in her life it is definitely the very feeling of walking into the purple land. The land of orchids holding those reassuring hands. His fingers caressing through her locks when she is lugubrious. His composure embracing her often splenetic rather cantankerous self. His silence gulping her incessant gabble. His candour winning her heart and Oh! his peevish philanthropy. A pellucid character, the man of her phantasm is now real, loving her invariably, selflessly and incessantly.

The chimes of the bells ,the chirping birds n even the cacophony around sounds so musical and the zephyr just kissing her face ,passes away whispering into her ears a name, the name of her “subtle love".

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