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Jul 2, 2015

Proofreading an Article

Salvwi Prasad @ Ezine Articles

My research and learning about readability continues. After I stumbled upon this attribute, I have come across so many features about article writing. In this particular article, I will share about the few checks/tests I learned to proofread an article.

I usually proofread the articles I write before official submission. During the research, I learned about a few checks easily available online.

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There are many Proofreading tools available on the internet.You can use those before any official article submission. Nevertheless, the knowledge that you have, holds priority to any such tools for proofreading. I have listed a few of them here.

Readability Tests - The links to the online test tools are:
Microsoft Office also provides a readability feature. The step-by-step method to activate and use the same is present in the above Ezine Article Link.

Plagiarism Check - For checking the uniqueness of content.
Plagiarism Checker - This gives you the percentage of unique content in your article.
Duplichecker - Simply states if Plagiarism was detected or not.
PlagTracker - This states the percentage of non-unique content in your article. It also lists the sources where the same content might be available.

After ^ Deadline - For grammar, spell-check and style suggestions.

Grammarly Online Check - Free check and Deep Check options for grammar, spell-check and style suggestions.

PaperRater - Gives an elaborate report and grade after analysing the article on plagiarism, spelling, grammar, sentence structure, readability and vocabulary.

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  1. A very useful post. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Thanks and Welcome Ravish.

  2. very usefull for bloggers..thanks.

  3. Very informative and useful... thanks for sharing dear :-)

    1. Thank you Archana. :) It is always encouraging to find your comments

  4. That would help all of us for sure.. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you Noopur. I am glad this article could help. :)

  5. Proofreading is essential, makes an article more polished and pleasing to the eyes :-)

    1. You are correct Amrit. Thank You. :)


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