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Jun 23, 2015

Readability of an Article

What is Readability?
In simple terms, readability of a text is how easily a reader can understand it. Content and style of an article measure its readability. Content provides the information. Style provides the clarity to read.

Here I would like to mention that a legible article might not always have adequate readability. This is because it also depends on who is reading the article. The level of understanding the target audience has on a written text, determines the approach to writing. Hence, it is very important to consider the target audience before writing an article.

Read More @ Readability of an Article

This article has been published on Ezine Articles website.

You can check the article Proofreading an Article for the online/offline tools available for easy readability checks.

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  1. Great content on readability.

    1. Thank you so much Ravish. :)
      Your comments are always encouraging.

  2. Any pointers on how to increase readibility

    1. Hello Nidhi,
      To be honest and in all humility I am no guru in this field. :) I am still learning.

      I believe writing is a very personal attribute to anybody. So each one will have their style. There is never a definite protocol to it. This is just what I learnt through a project I took up for a client and thought of sharing. You can check the ezine link to this article.

      I see you have checked my second article on Proofreading an Article. If you check the ezine link there there is way how MS doc provides the feature to assess readability. So using that helped me know the readability score of my article and if that is befitting for the target audience of my client.

      Hope this was helpful. Thank you again for visiting.

    2. @Nidhi, I mean the "Read More" link wherever I have written Ezine link. :)


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